Two turning points in my health coaching practice

I know what to feels like to get to the end of a health coach training program and feel like you're just not ready to start coaching.

"I don't know enough. I'm not smart enough."

"What if the client asks me questions I can't answer?"

"I'll just wait until I get all my marketing in order, then I'll launch."

"Maybe I'll take on some pro bono clients to get some experience."

Despite having all these doubts and fears as a new coach, I jumped in and took on clients. But honestly, I had no clue what I was doing!

My solution was to get more training. I spent thousands more dollars and years of time educating myself so I could finally feel I like I could offered real value to my clients.

There were two turning points for me:

The first, was when I finally grasped the coach approach. That our job is not to diagnose, fix, treat or prescribe to a client. This understanding, that the client is resourceful, creative, whole and has the answers inside of them, made all the difference in how I showed up as a coach.

The second, was when I got to practice my skills over and over again, listen to coaching demos and hear real coaching in action. And when I received personal feedback on my coaching direct from my mentor.

These two milestones shifted everything for me.

I finally had the confidence to put myself out there and show up as a confident coach.

Does any of this resonate with you?

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