I can hardly believe we are almost at the end of November and that it's just one month until Christmas.

For many of you, the next few weeks will be a whirlwind of baking, shopping, organizing, eating, preparing, spending, drinking, wrapping and socializing.

And while much of this can be fun and joyful, along with it comes stress and overwhelm. By the end of it you could be worn out, frazzled, sick, tired and likely not in great financial shape either.

What happens is that for many of us, we let all of these external factors run our lives over the holidays - the shoulds, have-tos, the obligations and expectations.

We never really sit back and ask, "what would my ideal scenario be for the holidays. If I could wave a magic wand and conjure up a vision of what I’d truly like it to be, what would that look like?"

Well it is possible. And a great place to start is with that vision. If you have no idea what you’d like the holidays to be then how can you manifest it? But if you take a few minutes to be intentional about how you want to show up, what you’d like to do, how you want to feel, who you want to spend time with, what the real spirt of the season means to you - it would probably be a different picture, right?

So my invitation today is for you to take a minute to contemplate that vision. This is the first step to a stress-free holiday.

In today's video, I’ve put together a list of my top 6 favourite quick and easy self-care practices to help nourish yourself and ease the stress so you are able to truly embrace and enjoy the spirit of the season.

This holiday season set yourself up for success with a de-stressing plan. Don’t fall victim to the external pressures, but instead find what’s true within you. Be in the moment. Let go of expectations. Focus on what you truly enjoy and you’ll have a merrier holiday season.

And if you feel like some external accountability and support would be helpful, then I’m your gal. I'd love to hop on a free call to learn about your challenges this holiday season and help you put together a plan so you can stay balanced, calm and joyful.

Click here to schedule your free Stress Breakthrough call.

To your well-being,

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