8 ways to be directive as a health coach

How directive should we be as health coaches? What can we do?

As a new health coach do you ever get confused between how much you can tell your clients to do and how hands-off you should be?

Do you get the concept of client-centered but wonder how to actually put it into practice?

Does client-centered mean we just sit back and let the client figure it all out on their own?

Aren't we supposed to give clients action steps at the end of a session?

I know. It's all soooo confusing!!

The reason why I talk so much about what we can’t do as health coaches is because I hear so many new health coaches telling and recommending. And I know it's because that’s what so many of you have done in your life before you did coach training.

It’s hard to switch into the coach mode. And I really want new health coaches to embrace this client-entered approach.

In today's video I'm going to clear up this confusion, review the coaching spectrum and share 8 ways we can be more directive in our coaching and how to do it effectively while maintaining our client-centered focus.

After watching you'll be clear and confident on what you can do as a health coach.

What questions do you still have about how to be more directive and effective as a health coach? I'd be happy to answer them in the comments or feel free to email me at michelle@michelle-maclean.com.

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