How to develop trust with your health coaching clients

I was speaking to a health coach this week who suspects a client isn't being totally truthful to themselves (or the coach) about what they're eating and can't understand why they're not losing weight.

The coach feels like the client is just saying what the coach wants to hear. Why is the client not being honest the coach wonders and how to handle it?

There’s a lot to unpack in this scenario when it comes to trust, and the balance of power, in a coaching relationship.

  • How has the foundation of coaching been set?
  • Where's the balance of power in this coaching relationship?
  • Has trust been established?
  • Where is the empowerment coming from?

I loved receiving this question because it's an important foundational piece of coaching. In fact, Establishing Trust is both an ICF and NBHWC Core Competency.

In this video I talk about the essence of the coaching relationship, the balance of power between a coach and client, what really empowers the client and how to establish trust. And then I explain what can happen when trust, and a solid relationship, isn't present.


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