How to design a vision board in canva

If you had a chance to go through my mini planning session for 2021, you will now have your goals, a word and vision statement for 2021.

Awesome! Doesn't it feel great to go into the holidays with that planning already complete?

If you're a creative person and don't want those goals and ideas to get lost and forgotten, the next step is to develop some sort of visual representation to remind yourself of your word, goals and intentions throughout the year.

That could be as fancy as a vision board you create with magazine pics and words. It could be as simple as writing your word and vision on a sticky note.

My fav way to capture my word and vision is to develop a vision board in Canva and today I am sharing the exact steps I use.

I'm aware of two ways to create your vision board (I'm sure there are others):

Option #1

  • Login to Canva (it's free and I have no affiliation with them)
  • Click on "Create a Design"
  • In the box that comes up, type in mood boards or photo collage and a bunch of templates will come up
  • Select the one you like
  • Swap out the pics from their library or upload your own
  • Add text and quotes
  • Change colours to match or compliment your pics

Option #2

  • Login to Canva
  • Click on "Create a Design"
  • Choose Custom Dimensions. Type in 25cm x 20cm (not px). I like this letter size for printing purposes
  • Then go to "Elements" and then "Grids" (see all)
  • Pick a grid you like and then start adding your pics, text, quotes, colours etc.

Once you have your final design ready you can send it off to somewhere like Staples for printing (I get mine printed on card stock so it stands up well). You can also download it and save as a wallpaper or background, or print at home and keep it in your day-timer.

Happy creating & happy holidays!

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