How to make your health a priority

Blog Post - Health Priority - Michelle MacLean _ Health and Wellness Coach _ Halifax Health CoachSpring is a time of new light and new possibilities. The days grow longer. We see buds and blossoms begin to bloom. It’s the season of renewal calling forth  greater self expression and upward movement.

If you got off track with your health and wellness goals over the winter, now is a perfect time to revisit and set them into motion.

But making your health a priority can be challenging.

With all this new energy and forward movement the spring can be a very busy season. Work projects are full-on with deadlines looming. Family responsibilities and kids activities are peaking. Maybe you’re having to get focussed and serious again after that winter vacation. The priorities, to-do lists and obligations are piling up.

If this sounds anything like your life, then chances are your health and self-care will likely get pushed to the back burner.

But if you are anything like many of my clients, you also know you can’t ignore that niggling feeling in the back of your mind much longer. Perhaps it was a nudge from the doctor. Maybe you’re sick of feeling sick and tired all the time and worried what might happen if you don’t soon make some healthy changes.

For many of us we have that big dream for our lives. The vision for how we sees ourselves as we age. The places we want to go. The things we want to do. Today I remind you of those. To take a moment and reflect on those big dreams. Bring them out into the light instead of keeping them buried beneath the to-do lists, errands and daily tasks.

Sometimes the big dream, the big change, the healthier life seems so big, that it’s impossible to accomplish. You get stuck in fear, overwhelm and the magnitude of what you want to do. And so you do nothing. You stay where you are. You never make change. You never fulfil the dreams. Is this how you want to live your life?

Today I offer you four tips for prioritizing your health and wellness so you can start making the healthy changes in your life and living those big dreams:

1. Make your health a priority. Like really do it. Don’t let all the small, meaningless, mundane day-to-day tasks rule your life. Instead prioritize your day with things that get you closer to your healthy dream. The things that will bring progress. Things that provide meaning and value in your life. Ask yourself, what two things can I do today that would move me closer to health?

2. Say “Yes” to you. Many of you are “yes” people. You say “yes” to everyone else’s requests, needs and priorities and “no” to what you want for your own life. Try to prioritize your day based on your dreams, desires and what you need to do to make progress with your health and self-care. Saying “yes” can become a big distraction that gives you a sense of meaning and purpose. Sometimes it’s easier to help others than helping yourself. It’s your job to live your own truth first and then to help others next. Learn to say “no” to others and “yes” to you.

3. Reframe the outcomes. When it comes to your health and wellness your goals might be to: increase your energy; decrease your blood pressure; minimize inflammation; sleep better; prioritize self-care. But these aren’t the real outcomes you are looking for, are they? What you are really hoping for is freedom. The freedom that vitality and health can bring. The emotional freedom from worry about declining health. The physical freedom to do the things you love to do. The social freedoms to interact with your friends and family. The time freedom you’ll gain that is now wasted on feeling sick, doctors appointments and lack of energy. So reframe your big goals, into the aspects of freedom, that accomplishing them will bring into your life.

4. Just start somewhere. These big goals start with a single step. Break them into simple, doable, timely, action oriented, daily steps. And with each step you will make progress, toward that bigger goal. Each day you will become more motivated and inspired to keep going. Start small, make progress each day, and before you know it you’ll be embracing the rewards – the freedoms that health and vitality can bring. As you begin, ask yourself:

  • What will I start today?
  • What goal/freedom will I start moving towards?
  • What supports or skills do I need to help me get there?
  • What is my first step?

You can do this. You can transform your health. You are the captain of your own ship. Will you jump aboard, take the wheel and sail into the land of freedom? The choice is yours.

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