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4 powerful questions to minimize stress

Do you need help getting started with managing your stress? Are things so overwhelming that you do nothing at all and hope it’ll all just magically works itself out? If yes, then today’s video is exactly what you need. In today’s video you will: Learn the top two reasons I’m so passionate about helping people…

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How to bounce back from stressful events

Have you recently experienced a stressful event in your life? Maybe it’s a constant hectic schedule, stress at work, issues with your relationship, challenging kids, financial troubles? Maybe you are worried what will happen if you don’t get a break from the stress? Does it feel like you are going from one stressful event to…

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How NOT to deal with stress

In the past, whenever I was overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted, my approach to work through it, was to try and deal with the source of the stress. First, it was the job I was miserable in. If I could just leave and find a job I was passionate about, I’d be less stressed. Next, when I started my health…

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3 easy ways to decrease stress

Blog Post - 3 Way to beat stress - Michelle MacLean _ Health and Wellness Coach _ Halifax Health Coach

Is the daily toll of stress impacting your health? You live a busy, hectic, frantic life. Work demands, kid’s activities, relationships to nurture, a home to maintain, social activities, finances to manage, errands to run — it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed and stressed out. Stress has become a normal part of our daily lives.…

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