How to bounce back from stressful events

Have you recently experienced a stressful event in your life?

Maybe it's a constant hectic schedule, stress at work, issues with your relationship, challenging kids, financial troubles?

Maybe you are worried what will happen if you don't get a break from the stress? Does it feel like you are going from one stressful event to the next?

Whatever your source of stress is, it can accumulate over time and build up. And if you never give yourself a break from it, that’s when problems can happen.

If we don’t break that stress cycle, if we stay in it too long, it can start to cause more serious issues. Because stress is cumulative. It continues to build up and build up and when it gets to be too much, something gives. Something breaks. Usually your health.

In today's video I’m talking about how to bounce back from stressful events in your life. And I’m using my own recent travel experience to show you how I’m I’m recovering from my recent vacation.

You’re probably saying, what? Recover from vacation? Weren’t you just talking about the benefits of taking time off?

Yes I was. And I've experienced a ton of them. Which I’ll be talking about in some upcoming posts.

But while I love to travel, love seeing new places, experiencing new cultures and all the wonderful, amazing, positive aspects of travelling - I will say that as an introvert, as someone with sensitive digestion and low immunity - travelling can also take a toll on me.

It’s mostly the coming and the going. The getting there. I love it when we actually arrive at our destination, but I don’t love to fly.

For this trip to France it was about 24 hours of travel on each end. And it’s not just the plane rides but it's figuring out bus schedules, finding rental car agencies, navigating unknown territory, interpreting French road signs - all of that definitely stressed me out.

Plus during those 24 hours coming back I didn't eat properly, I drank alcohol to calm my nerves, and of course we have to factor in the nasty plane air, being at high altitudes for 8 hours and an irregular sleep schedule. All of this left me feeling pretty bagged by the time we arrived home.

So coming back I knew had to be conscious about my recovery plan. How was I going to bounce back?

In this video I share the five things I did to recover which you can apply in your life to break your stress cycle and begin recovering from whatever stress cycle you are in.

Check it out.

Stress recovery allows you to bounce back, and in my humble opinion, it's non-negotiable. If you don’t intentionally make time and plan for it now, you’ll be forced to make time to deal with an illness, burnout or relationship breakdown at some point down the road.

If you’d like to chat about your stress recovery plan and how you can begin to implementing one in your life, I’d love to chat. I have a few spots open right now for Free Stress Breakthrough calls. Click on the link below to go direct to my calendar and book your free call and together we'll start to plan your roadmap to more calm, balance and joy.

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To your well-being,

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