How NOT to deal with stress

In the past, whenever I was overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted, my approach to work through it, was to try and deal with the source of the stress.

First, it was the job I was miserable in. If I could just leave and find a job I was passionate about, I'd be less stressed.

Next, when I started my health coaching practice, I was working my butt off trying to develop programs and market my services. If I could just get those first clients and make some money, I'd be less overwhelmed.

Then, I spent years outside my introverted comfort zone trying to model online health gurus who had huge marketing budgets and teams of employees. If I could just be more visible and write that book, get on that podcast, develop that block buster webinar, I'd be less drained and exhausted.

In each of these instances, what I was doing was going after the source of the stress. The job, the lack of money and clients, the pressures of the online marketing world, the demands of doing it all as a self-employed solopreneur.

What I've come to realize over the years is, this never works. Attacking the source of the stress is like chasing infinity. We will always have stress. It will always be there. It's just a fact of our modern life. There is no end to it.

Once we deal with one source of stress a new one appears. It's like the arcade game "whack-a-mole." We hit one mole (one source of stress) and another one pops up. These attempts at solving the stress are piecemeal, superficial, temporary. We can never eradicate stress.

What I've learned is, instead of attacking the sources of the stress (because they are never ending) we first need to learn how to recover from the daily sources of stress and then build our resiliency to the new sources that will inevitably occur.

I recorded a short video to explain my approach here.

This is the approach that I'm living in my own life and have developed into my new Stress Recovery and Resilience Coaching program.

If you've tried in the past to deal with the source of the stress and found that to be an exercise in futility and are ready to try something different, I’m your girl. I have spots open this fall for 1:1 coaching and would love to book a free stress breakthrough call to chat about how we could work together. Click here to schedule your free call.

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