How to shift into the coach mindset

Are you a health coach who’s struggling to understand your role as coach?

Do you find yourself suggesting action steps and telling your client what to do?

Are you worried about how to provide value if you don’t give recommendations and advice?

Do you stress out when a client asks for meal plans, dietary advice and recommendations?

Are you overwhelming your clients with information but frustrated that they don't make change?

One of the reasons you likely got into health coaching is because you love sharing your health and wellness knowledge and expertise with your family and friends. They’re always coming to you asking for help, advice and suggestions.

Of course you want to help so you tell them what you do, share your best resources and suggest how they can make changes

But as you get into it, you realize that as a coach you’re not supposed to give suggestions, recommendations or advice.

What am I supposed to do with clients if I can’t prescribe, treat or share my expertise?

In today's video I explain the three steps you need to take to shift from expert mode into the coach mindset.

Are you ready to shift into the coach mindset?

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Here's to being an amazing coach who provides real value to clients!

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