The three stages of the health coaching process

Are you a new coach who’s not quite sure what the coaching process looks like?

Do you have the outline of a 6-month program but not quite sure how to implement it?

There are many different ways to view the coaching process and many more methods and approaches.

This three-stage process might shed some light on the phases we can work through to support our clients in making sustainable lifestyle change.

The Beginning

At the start of the process we spend a lot time focusing on helping the client explore, assess and take stock of their health and wellness. This provides a nice clear picture of the starting point. The baseline. The current state of the client’s health.

Once this picture is clear, we invite the client to take a look ahead at where’d they’d like to be. To create a vision for their health. To contemplate their dreams and desires. This vision of how they see themselves at their most healthy and well state provides great motivation for doing the work.  Then we explore what needs to change for the client to achieve their vision.

The Middle

Through the assessment and exploration phase the client identifies a few  areas they’d like to focus on. Together the coach and client co-create a plan or a roadmap that includes goals, action steps, accountabilities, sources of support, how to overcome obstacles and ways to track progress.

It’s not about the coach advising the client on what to eat, how to get moving or strategies to reduce stress, but they work together to determine what will work best for the client.

The End

As the client starts to integrate the new behaviours into their life, the final stages of the coaching process are about measuring progress and celebrating successes.

The coach supports the client through to the very end. The coach reaches the summit of the mountain with the client and stands shoulder to shoulder with them as they reflect back over the journey to see how far they’ve come.

As this phase of the client’s health and wellness journey winds down, they’ve developed new habits, new mindsets, new ways of being that they’ll have for the rest of your life.

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